Saturday, 30 January 2010

Hatching the Festival

People say January has been slow. They've been hibernating with all the snow and ice. Keeping warm by log fires and telling stories.

It's been a dynamic time for the Festival, though. Over twenty fabulous storytellers booked to appear, plus amazing local folk musicians and partner organisations lined up – all inspired by the theme of story, song and sustainability. The venue is booked at Embercombe and web-site is up and running.

So the story of the Festival is off to a good start in 2010: a magical valley, a strong cast of characters, a plot to save the world, or more accurately, ourselves, from will be an exciting weekend. Check out some of the links on the website to amazing people, places and outfits: there's a rich cauldron of talent.

We have such an abundance of performances & activities happening at the festival this year it's been difficult to describe them all on the website: early morning T'ai Chi; discussions on what myth is and how it changes and affects our lives; story-walks onto Dartmoor; a participatory theatre piece on the theme of climate change; film projects and newly commissioned stories. And that's just for the grown-ups! We are planning bedtime and yoga stories; toy theatre; puppets; craft activities and walks for little ones; plus: fireside stories; activities on the lake; theatre and wildcraft skills for children and lots for teenagers and young adults including Kung Fu; film workshops; bands and their own fireside/tent. It will be a family camp to remember!